Welcome to the ManifestoStudy project's homepage !

The aim of this project is to provide a set of tools (mainly libraries and modules) that could be used by any kind of software.
Those libraries will contain The Communist Manifesto in as many languages as possible.

Also, people will be able to add modules that will be readable by all compatible ManifestoStudy software,
these modules can be about whatever you them to be, but there will be 5 "official" categories that are:

- Full Marx & Engels books
- Full marxists writers books
- Modern marxist essays
- Marx Quotes
- Marxist Glossary

The only requirement for people making modules is to make them FDL.

For now, the first package available is a very basic KDE 3.1 application that allow to read The Communist Manifesto
in simple text mode and in several languages, no libs or modules are available yet. Of course this will be improve in the
future. The main goal is to make the text browsable from chapter to chapter.

mostly everything ;)
- decide how libs will be designed and handled.
- decide how modules will be designed and handled.
- build those libs and modules once all the decisions have been made.

you can already have a look at some screenshots of the kde app that is in real alpha version
click here to see screenshots of the:
greek version
hebrew version
korean version
russian version
spanish version
turkish version
NEW! arabic version

you can download a tarball or check out the CVS on the project page. SourceForge.net Logo